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A design, development, online marketing and seo company. We create evolving, agile design, development and marketing solutions for Soaring Businesses.

We Help Soaring Businesses

Think like a brand. Hustle like a startup.

So, what’s a Soaring Business? It’s a small business that won’t be small for long. A startup that’s about to be the next unicorn. A non-profit or plateauing business on a mission to get to the next level. There’s a “je ne sais quoi” to how you do things - we can’t put our fingers on it, but you’re special and you know it. And you need like-minded partners who can engage you at your current size and adapt to your upcoming successes. That’s the Digikea team.

\Digikea and What Makes The Difference

A flat structure for tall orders

Your Soaring Business, whether small or otherwise, has no time for paper shuffling, internal kerfuffle, and far-reaching approval matrixes. You need a plan for delivering a wicked smart strategy, expert insights from a data-informed approach and partners as passionate about your mission as your own team. We give you a team of senior leadership who are thoroughly cross-trained in all disciplines and intimately involved hand-in-glove with every initiative. You’re not wined, dined and handed off to a team of highly enthusiastic interns.

The Power of our Product Thinking means we move with calculated urgency, with clarity and precision. We think outside the box. We are resourceful, scrappy and crafty - we are your nimble unit.

Often, soaring businesses are so brilliant and have such a great offering that marketing it can be a confusing endeavor for those too close to it. We use our product thinking power and experience in helping companies with a complex sell, productize their offering to target the right personas, pain points, heuristic triggers, offers and price points to maximize the potential revenue. In other words, we GIVE A SHIT about MAKING YOU MONEY

\Getting You Discovered In A Noisy World

There are 50,000 companies saying they do what we do in the US alone

But somehow you’re here; reading our series of compound-complex sentences all the way this far down the page. Why is that? Clearly we’ve done something right to stand out and capture your imagination. If your Soaring Business is being weighted down by a fragmented category, we’ll break you through.


Too often, marketers are lured by the siren song of creative-driven agencies out to fund their latest art projects. We’re obsessively focused on what’s going to ring the register now, while not allowing long-term missions fall by the wayside. From search engine optimization or ecommerce funnel optimization to social media contests and digital strategy initiatives to give you that needed lift in conversions.


We’re not saying creativity is a bad thing; it’s just not the only thing. Creativity without data is an art project. Data without creativity is noise. But combine the two, and you have a stunning, powerful combination that delivers breakthrough results. Campaigns and long-term media flights are dead. Micro targeting creatively to each unique individual is the future we’re helping build


We fail fast, but not often. Because numbers don’t lie – we stay informed by data. Once we adjust our course, we can make the big gains a Soaring Business needs to leap beyond their less nimble competition and create meaningful results.

\Core Services

Web Design & Development

When it's time to dust off that old website and bring it back into the present again, with a clear vision to the future, let us help you navigate your web development options.

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Search Marketing (Seo + Sem)

If you found our search engine marketing for small business via search, what we do is clearly working for us. We can make it work for you.

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Social Media Marketing

Boost engagement, learn from your customers and drive sales with social media campaigns, contests and integrated content strategies.

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Content Marketing

Unstick your content marketing campaigns – give us the ideas and we'll do the heavy-lifting of writing and distribution strategy.

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Video Marketing

We all know Google is by far the largest search engine in the world. Did you know YouTube is the second biggest? You're missing out on a huge opportunity if you're not engaging your customers with video marketing...

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Email Marketing

Email is one of the most effective, but underutilized marketing channels available for businesses today. Your existing lists could be a goldmine – find out our solutions for how to optimize your email marketing today.

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Product Prototyping

They say launching a new digital product is like jumping off a cliff and building an airplane on the way down. Our prototyping services gives you something you can quickly test pilot without the stress and expense of building the real thing.

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Strategic Consulting

We create agile go-to-market strategies at the speed of startups for emerging brands who just can't wait - let our team of strategists loose on your challenges, lean in and watch us go to work.

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Marketing Coaching

How to manage the chaos caused by merger of technology with marketing disciplines. We help organizations quickly get up to speed on the leading solutions and integrate them with respect to all stakeholders.

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