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A Small Business digital marketing agency.

Digikea Digital is a full service digital development, marketing solutions and seo agency located in New York, specializing in data driven user experience, web design, web development, search marketing, social media marketing for soaring small business and Non Profit organizations.

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Digikea and What Makes The Difference

We Help Small Businesses



Founded in 2008 and re-branded in 2015. We have been around the block a bit - Ouch!

Founding team represents a diverse range of top creative, technology, operations and marketing execs who wanted to strip away the layers and bureaucracy and deliver meaningful results faster.

Marrying big agency experience and strategic approach with startup nimbility (yes! we made that word up. 'Cos that’s how we roll!)


Our philosophy, solution approach, execution style and what makes us different are one in the same.

We believe in the power of product thinking and thus take a product thinking approach to all engagements - identifying interdisciplinary solutions that blends data, technology, design, marketing and branding to create solutions for short term tactical needs with a focus on longer term strategic wins. That is Product thinking philosophy, that is the product thinking approach and that is what makes the difference.

We are media-neutral — we’re not selling ad inventory or excess capabilities because we have them. Instead, we’re solutions focused at every level of your business. This sort of strategic solution approach is what is missing in the small business market place, we believe your size should not dictate your access to great solution, talent and success - and you should not have to rob a bank to do so.

After all, everyone works in business development and the most important business to develop is yours.




Need we say more? Oh!, you waiting for the spin? Sorry dude, Not Here!

We Converse:

- We start with a conversation. When we first meet, we work together to understand the ins and out of your business - to understand who you are and what you are about. In this discussion, our goal is to get to the "Who" and “Why?”

Then, We Go Deeeeeeeeeep:

We dive deep into those discussed goals, objectives, expectations, competitors, all information crucial to forming a strategic picture and approach that lines up with your needs and our expertise. We start with where we want to wind up. We present you with a data-informed, fully developed strategic proposal addressing your needs and goals, after:

  • Understanding each stakeholder need
  • Deep diving into the personas of your ideal customer, client, user.
  • Using qualitative and quantitative data to understand their journey
  • Developing a go-to-market plan of how to appropriately reach them at every integrated touchpoint

We move on to - Impressing You by Executing Our Tactics Brilliantly:

- With our no-nonsense strategic approach and insight driven solution, we drive straight into execution based on our previously presented and signed-off proposal and roadmap. Each strategic roadmap we develop for you is unique as each company is, however we employ industry best practices, some we have learned and many we have pioneered ourselves.

Our leadership team remain intimately involved in all projects and continue to help our clients keep a focus on success management.

Then, We Review - This is where we get to Blow your socks off!

With our digital approach, we measure results with world-class tools, adjust in real time and report frequently - all within the agreed upon roadmap. We are able to tell you what is working, what is not, understand the difference, plug the gap, get back out there and kill your competitors.

As far as traditional advertising and marketing goes, it is best described by the following quote :

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half"....John Wanamaker.

This is an approach and practice that soaring businesses, be it small, medium sized or non profit organizations cannot afford to dabble in.

This is where our review and optimization makes all the difference. This is the power in digital, the beauty if you will. At this stage, we bring your PRODUCT THINKING full circle and continue managing you towards success.


Our leadership team lead strategic thinking across all client accounts, remaining intimately involved in client projects. Bringing a powerful combination of experience, creativity, operations and connections to your work