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Digikea Digital - The Branding Journey.

Digikea – A Brand’s New Journey

Digikea Digital - The Branding Journey.



  • 5 years,
  • 10K+ Client hours logged,
  • Multi-million dollar projects launched,
  • 2 partner exits,
  • New partner entries,
  • over 10,000 cups of coffee served,
  • a new dev lab,
  • 6 months re-brand work, we have our long awaited news!

Today we are happy to unveil our new brand and direction – DIGIKEA DIGITAL. A value focused creative development and marketing agency for soaring small businesses and non profits.

In the coming weeks and months, we look forward to sharing the journey we took to “get here” with you. We hope that by sharing our journey, lesson’s learned, the pros, the cons, the challenge and ultimately the victory, we can be a resource for learning and information sharing for those who might be considering performing a branding exercise, whether in-house or outsourced. Going beyond the  mark (i.e logo), to understanding the impact your social tone, voice, policy, competitive analysis, brand positioning and a host of other factors might have on your identity.




About 2 years ago, coming off of a Fortune 500 client engagement and taking on an ailing small business project forced us to challenge the gaps that we had become familiar with on many engagements that we could no longer ignore. And that is in the way these two opposite business entities and size approached problem-solution.

At one end is the heavy strategy-driven approach of the big boys, with nauseating bureaucracy and sluggish red tape ridden execution. On the other end (startups) is the head-first execution mentality, with little time for a thought out strategic approach.

While a Fortune 500 company can afford to weather the storm, the same cannot be said for a small business. As a matter of fact, this non strategic approach accounts for the failure of most small businesses, non-profits and plateaued start-ups. An issue further compounded by the opportunities that exists in the open marketplace and many online staffing platforms like elance, freelancers etc (This is a whole topic unto itself that we will not even attempt to address at this point. More on this in the future, just make sure to sign-up for our newsletter on the top right hand corner sidebar of this post to stay informed..it’s going to be a fun topic to discuss)

Looking at the situation at hand, we asked ourselves – What if we could bridge this gap? Pull the positives from both ends into an engagement approach, trim the fat and focus on the beef? – what we’d have would be a value driven engagement, a departure from the industry norm of, basically, selling hours. What if we could productize our services, we would have a clientele with growing confidence of our investment in what will help them ring that register and give them that breakthrough result they have been looking for.

So, of course like a dog with a bone our minds started to race, our tails wagged with excitement and the journey to “HERE”, began. The next question for us then was:

Do we handle this branding exercise ourselves? or do we outsource it?

While branding and brand positioning is an area we have engaged and excelled at with past clients, it is no easy task handling your own brand work. Apart from the obvious fact that we’d be pulling on the same set of resources we use for client work (which by the way had to continue in parallel), the potential challenge we could face in navigating a team of passionate perfectionists (And boy, where they?!?!?), could result in us going down a rabbit hole for he next couple of years with no resolve.

So I thought, surely if there is a reason why they say:

“You Are Your Own Worst Client”

And having yourself as a client is a bad idea…THIS COULD VERY WELL BE IT! 

Anyhoo, we did take on this task and made it out on the other side. In the subsequent posts to follow over the coming months, we intend on rolling up our sleeves, sharing our battles scars, taking you through our step by step approach, our stumbles and the factors that surrounded them, our breakthrough moments and many more. So basically, you will be taking a front centered seat so you get the good, the bad and ugly of this exercise called branding, or in our case re-branding.

So, till next time….


Knowledge is Power. Do Share!